Try cooking “Take-Han-Go!” in the microwave.

I cooked “Take-Han-Go!” in the microwave!

I tried it out in my home kitchen and the image you see here is working on the IH, but I cooked the rice in the microwave. Sorry for the confusion.


First of all, open “Take-Han-Go!” and put the “Yufu-Clear-Water-rice” in the bamboo.



In this case, I’m cooking the rice without polishing, essentially, rice tastes better when it is polished, so if you have a colander, transfer the rice to the colander and polish it before placing it in the bamboo.


Then, add one cup of water to fit the amount of rice.

If you don’t have a measuring cup, you can fill the bag of rice with at least half a bag of water, is just fine, I think.

The hardness of the rice depends on you, so try to find just the right amount of water!

This time I filled the water to about the top of my finger in the image.



With the water in, shake the bamboo slightly so that the rice is flat.



Let it sit, covered, for 15 minutes.



Now put it in the microwave and wait excitedly at 500W for 15 minutes!



15 minutes in the microwave are over!

I was delighted, but to make it even better, I left the lid on and let it steam for about 5 minutes.

For more flavor, wait a little longer.


Finally, delicious rice with a hint of bamboo flavor is cooked!


At home, and in the microwave, I got to enjoy a different kind of rice than I usually do!

Thank you for the feast.


*Points to note when cooking in the microwave

The microwave used in this case is a general size for home use.

The size and wattage may vary depending on yours, so please adjust the size and wattage to suit yours when cooking.

The used bamboos can be used to cook rice again as long as they don’t get burnt or broken.

Used bamboos can be disposed of as burnable garbage, but please dispose of it in accordance with your local laws and regulations.

A refill of 1 cup of “Yufu-Clear-Water-Rice” is also available for purchase.

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